3️⃣ Fraud Proof Design

The core design principle of the fraud proof system of Axonum is that we separate the fraud proof process of Geth (the Golang implementation of the Ethereum client on layer 2) and the opML.

The fraud proof system in Axonum is built on a core principle of separating the fraud proof processes between Geth and opML. This design ensures a robust and efficient fraud proof mechanism. Here's a breakdown of the fraud proof system and our separation design:

  1. Fraud Proof System Overview:

    • The fraud proof system is a critical component that guarantees the security and integrity of transactions on the Axonum optimistic rollup Layer 2.

    • It involves the verification of transactions and computations to ensure that any malicious behavior or inaccuracies are detected and addressed.

  2. Separation of Fraud Proof Processes:

    • Geth Fraud Proof Process:

      • Geth, responsible for the Ethereum client on layer 2, handles the initial stages of fraud proof related to transaction validation and basic protocol adherence.

      • It verifies the correctness of transactions and ensures that they comply with the rules and protocol of the layer 2 system.

    • opML Fraud Proof Process:

      • opML, the Optimistic Machine Learning system integrated with Axonum, takes charge of the more intricate aspects of fraud proof related to machine learning model execution.

      • It verifies the correctness of machine learning computations and ensures the integrity of AI-related processes within the layer 2 framework.

  3. Benefits of Separation Design:

    • Enhanced Efficiency:

      • By distributing the fraud proof responsibilities, we optimize the efficiency of the overall system. Geth focuses on transactional aspects, while opML handles ML-specific fraud proofs.

    • Scalability:

      • The separation design allows for scalability, enabling each component to independently scale based on its specific processing requirements.

    • Flexibility:

      • This separation provides flexibility for upgrades and improvements in either the Geth or opML components without compromising the entire fraud proof system.

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